The writer is a lonely hunter


Four Buses: Gail’s collection of short stories and flash fiction

In Four Buses, Gail Aldwin shines a torch upon the human condition. She writes about themes that are gritty and intense, focusing on the capacity of human resilience. She includes locations that are coastal, rural and urban, with snatches of the wild and remote, including stories set in disparate parts of the world.

What others have said about the collection:

‘A varied and interesting collection from a fresh new voice.’

–  VANESSA GEBBIE, author of The Coward’sTale

‘This is clever writing! Ingenious, perceptive and heartfelt: snapshots of real lives, which make us look twice – and with new understanding – at the familiar.’

–  RONALD FRAME, author of Havisham

‘Each story in Four Buses unearths a fresh diamond of emotion: a glittering gem of truth which reveals how the world works and what it’s like to be a part of it. Each one engages in a different way and lingers in the mind long after the cover is closed.’

–  CALUM KERR, director of National Flash Fiction Day


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